household goods motor carrier

(12) Household goods motor carrier.— (A) In general .— The term “household goods motor carrier” means a motor carrier that, in the ordinary course of its business of providing transportation of household goods, offers some or all of the following additional services: (i) Binding and nonbinding estimates. (ii) Inventorying. (iii) Protective packing and unpacking of individual items at personal residences. (iv) Loading and unloading at personal residences. (B) Inclusion .— The term includes any person that is considered to be a household goods motor carrier under regulations, determinations, and decisions of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that are in effect on the date of enactment of the Household Goods Mover Oversight Enforcement and Reform Act of 2005. (C) Limited service exclusion .— The term does not include a motor carrier when the motor carrier provides transportation of household goods in containers or trailers that are entirely loaded and unloaded by an individual (other than an employee or agent of the motor carrier).


49 USC § 13102(12)

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