associated transit improvement

(1) Associated transit improvement .— The term “associated transit improvement” means, with respect to any project or an area to be served by a project, projects that are designed to enhance public transportation service or use and that are physically or functionally related to transit facilities. Eligible projects are— (A) historic preservation, rehabilitation, and operation of historic public transportation buildings, structures, and facilities (including historic bus and railroad facilities) intended for use in public transportation service; (B) bus shelters; (C) functional landscaping and streetscaping, including benches, trash receptacles, and street lights; (D) pedestrian access and walkways; (E) bicycle access, including bicycle storage shelters and parking facilities and the installation of equipment for transporting bicycles on public transportation vehicles; (F) signage; or (G) enhanced access for persons with disabilities to public transportation.


49 USC § 5302(1)

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