regulated gathering line

(2) (A) Not later than October 24, 1995 , the Secretary, if appropriate, shall prescribe standards defining the term “regulated gathering line”. In defining the term, the Secretary shall consider factors such as location, length of line from the well site, operating pressure, throughput, and the composition of the transported gas or hazardous liquid, as appropriate, in deciding on the types of lines that functionally are gathering but should be regulated under this chapter because of specific physical characteristics. (B) (i) The Secretary also shall consider diameter when defining “regulated gathering line” for hazardous liquid. (ii) The definition of “regulated gathering line” for hazardous liquid may not include a crude oil gathering line that has a nominal diameter of not more than 6 inches, is operated at low pressure, and is located in a rural area that is not unusually sensitive to environmental damage.


49 USC § 60101(b)(2)

Scoping language

None identified, default scope is assumed to be the parent (chapter 601) of this section.
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