the national plan of integrated airport systems

The Secretary of Transportation shall maintain the plan for developing public-use airports in the United States, named “the national plan of integrated airport systems”. The plan shall include the kind and estimated cost of eligible airport development the Secretary of Transportation considers necessary to provide a safe, efficient, and integrated system of public-use airports adequate to anticipate and meet the needs of civil aeronautics, to meet the national defense requirements of the Secretary of Defense, and to meet identified needs of the United States Postal Service. Airport development included in the plan may not be limited to meeting the needs of any particular classes or categories of public-use airports. In maintaining the plan, the Secretary of Transportation shall consider the needs of each segment of civil aviation and the relationship of the airport system to—


49 USC § 47103(a)

Scoping language

None identified, default scope is assumed to be the parent (subchapter I) of this section.
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