fixed guideway

(2) Area share.— (A) In general .— 50 percent of the amount described in paragraph (1) shall be apportioned for fixed guideway systems in accordance with this paragraph. (B) Share .— A recipient shall receive an amount equal to the amount described in subparagraph (A), multiplied by the amount the recipient would have received under this section, as in effect for fiscal year 2011, if the amount had been calculated in accordance with the provisions of section 5336(b)(1) and using the definition of the term “fixed guideway” under subsection (a) of this section, as such sections are in effect on the day after the date of enactment of the Federal Public Transportation Act of 2012, and divided by the total amount apportioned for all areas under this section for fiscal year 2011. (C) Recipient .— For purposes of this paragraph, the term “recipient” means an entity that received funding under this section, as in effect for fiscal year 2011.


49 USC § 5337(c)(2)

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For purposes of this paragraph
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