lump-sum credit

(19) the term “lump-sum credit” means the unrefunded amount consisting of— (A) retirement deductions made from the basic pay of an employee or Member under section 8422(a) of this title (or under section 204 of the Federal Employees’ Retirement Contribution Temporary Adjustment Act of 1983); (B) amounts deposited by an employee or Member under section 8422(e); (C) amounts deposited by an employee, Member, or survivor under section 8411(f) or 8422(i); and (D) interest on the deductions and deposits which, for any calendar year, shall be equal to the overall average yield to the Fund during the preceding fiscal year from all obligations purchased by the Secretary of the Treasury during such fiscal year under section 8348(c), (d), and (e), as determined by the Secretary (compounded annually); but does not include interest— (i) if the service covered thereby aggregates 1 year or less; or (ii) for a fractional part of a month in the total service;


5 USC § 8401(19)

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