(2)“employee” means an individual— (A)employed in an agency; or (B)whose employment in an agency has ceased because of any unfair labor practice undersection 7116 of this titleand who has not obtained any other regular and substantially equivalent employment, as determined under regulations prescribed by the Federal Labor Relations Authority; (i)an alien or noncitizen of the United States who occupies a position outside the United States; (ii)a member of the uniformed services; (iii)a supervisor or a management official; (iv)an officer or employee in the Foreign Service of the United States employed in the Department of State, the International Communication Agency, the Agency for International Development, the Department of Agriculture, or the Department of Commerce; or (v)any person who participates in a strike in violation ofsection 7311 of this title;


5 USC § 7103(a)(2)

Scoping language

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