(1) An employee who enters on approved leave without pay to serve as a full-time officer or employee of an organization composed primarily of employees as defined by section 8331(1) of this title , within 60 days after entering on that leave without pay, may file with his employing agency an election to receive full retirement credit for his periods of that leave without pay and arrange to pay currently into the Fund, through his employing agency, amounts equal to the retirement deductions and agency contributions that would be applicable if he were in pay status. If the election and all payments provided by this paragraph are not made, the employee may not receive credit for the periods of leave without pay occurring after July 17, 1966 , notwithstanding the third sentence of subsection (f) of this section. For the purpose of the preceding sentence, “employee” includes an employee who was on approved leave without pay and serving as a full-time officer or employee of such an organization on July 18, 1966 , and who filed a similar election before September 17, 1966 .


5 USC § 8332(k)(1)

Scoping language

None identified, default scope is assumed to be the parent (subchapter III) of this section.
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