(1) the term “employee” means any individual who— (A) is an “employee”, as defined by section 6301(2), including any individual employed in a position referred to in clause (ix) of section 6301(2), but excluding any individual employed by the government of the District of Columbia any individual employed on a temporary or intermittent basis, and any employee of the Government Accountability Office or the Library of Congress; and (B) has completed at least 12 months of service— (i) as an employee (as that term is defined in section 2105) of the Government of the United States, including service with the United States Postal Service, the Postal Regulatory Commission, and a nonappropriated fund instrumentality as described in section 2105(c); or (ii) which qualifies as honorable active service in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Space Force, or Marine Corps of the United States;


5 USC § 6381(1)

Scoping language

For the purpose of this subchapter
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