basic pay

(3) “basic pay” includes— (A) the amount a Member received from April 1, 1954 , to February 28, 1955 , as expense allowance under section 601(b) of the Legislative Reorganization Act of 1946 ( 60 Stat. 850 ), as amended; and that amount from January 3, 1953 , to March 31, 1954 , if deposit is made therefor as provided by section 8334 of this title ; (B) additional pay provided by— (i) subsection (a) of section 60e–7 of title 2 and the provisions of law referred to by that subsection; and (ii) sections 60e–8, 60e–9, 60e–10, 60e–11, 60e–12, 60e–13, and 60e–14 of title 2; (C) premium pay under section 5545(c)(1) of this title ; (D) with respect to a law enforcement officer, premium pay under section 5545(c)(2) of this title ; (E) availability pay— (i) received by a criminal investigator under section 5545a of this title ; or (ii) received after September 11, 2001 , by a Federal air marshal or criminal investigator (as defined in section 5545a(a)(2)) of the Transportation Security Administration, subject to all restrictions and earning limitations imposed on criminal investigators receiving such pay under section 5545a, including the premium pay limitations under section 5547; (F) pay as provided in section 5545b(b)(2) and (c)(2); (G) with respect to a customs officer (referred to in subsection (e)(1) of section 5 of the Act of February 13, 1911 ), compensation for overtime inspectional services provided for under subsection (a) of such section 5, but not to exceed 50 percent of any statutory maximum in overtime pay for customs officers which is in effect for the year involved; (H) any amount received under section 5948 (relating to physicians comparability allowances); and (I) with respect to a border patrol agent, the amount of supplemental pay received through application of the level 1 border patrol rate of pay or the level 2 border patrol rate of pay for scheduled overtime within the regular tour of duty of the border patrol agent as provided in section 5550; but does not include bonuses, allowances, overtime pay, military pay, pay given in addition to the base pay of the position as fixed by law or regulation except as provided by subparagraphs (B) through (I) of this paragraph retroactive pay under section 5344 of this title in the case of a retired or deceased employee, uniform allowances under section 5901 of this title , or lump-sum leave payments under subchapter VI of chapter 55 of this title. For an employee paid on a fee basis, the maximum amount of basic pay which may be used is $10,000;


5 USC § 8331(3)

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