(17)“student” means an individual under 23 years of age who has not completed 4 years of education beyond the high school level and who is regularly pursuing a full-time course of study or training at an institution which is— (A)a school or college or university operated or directly supported by the United States, or by a State or local government or political subdivision thereof; (B)a school or college or university which has been accredited by a State or by a State-recognized or nationally recognized accrediting agency or body; (C)a school or college or university not so accredited but whose credits are accepted, on transfer, by at least three institutions which are so accredited, for credit on the same basis as if transferred from an institution so accredited; or (D)an additional type of educational or training institution as defined by the Secretary of Labor.


5 USC § 8101(17)

Scoping language

For the purpose of this subchapter
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