surplus position

(4) (A) If the basis for continued coverage under this section is an involuntary separation from a position, or a voluntary separation from a surplus position, in or under the Department of Defense due to a reduction in force, or the Department of Energy due to a reduction in force resulting from the establishment of the National Nuclear Security Administration— (i) the individual shall be liable for not more than the employee contributions referred to in paragraph (1)(A)(i); and (ii) the agency which last employed the individual shall pay the remaining portion of the amount required under paragraph (1)(A). (B) This paragraph shall apply with respect to any individual whose continued coverage is based on a separation occurring on or after the date of enactment of this paragraph and before— (i) December 31, 2016 ; or (ii) February 1, 2017 , if specific notice of such separation was given to such individual before December 31, 2016 . (C) For the purpose of this paragraph, “surplus position” means a position which is identified in pre-reduction-in-force planning as no longer required, and which is expected to be eliminated under formal reduction-in-force procedures.


5 USC § 8905a(d)(4)

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