(5) Gift .— The term “gift” means a payment, advance, forbearance, rendering, or deposit of money, or any thing of value, unless consideration of equal or greater value is received by the donor, but does not include— (A) bequest and other forms of inheritance; (B) suitable mementos of a function honoring the reporting individual; (C) food, lodging, transportation, and entertainment provided by a foreign government within a foreign country or by the United States Government, the District of Columbia, or a State or local government or political subdivision thereof; (D) food and beverages which are not consumed in connection with a gift of overnight lodging; (E) communications to the offices of a reporting individual, including subscriptions to newspapers and periodicals; or (F) consumable products provided by home-State businesses to the offices of a reporting individual who is an elected official, if those products are intended for consumption by persons other than such reporting individual.


5 USC § 13101(5)

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