air traffic controller

(a) An air traffic controller who is otherwise eligible for immediate retirement under section 8412(e) shall be separated from the service on the last day of the month in which that air traffic controller becomes 56 years of age or completes 20 years of service if then over that age. The Secretary, under such regulations as the Secretary may prescribe, may exempt a controller having exceptional skills and experience as a controller from the automatic separation provisions of this subsection until that controller becomes 61 years of age. The Secretary shall notify the controller in writing of the date of separation at least 60 days before that date. Action to separate the controller is not effective, without the consent of the controller, until the last day of the month in which the 60-day notice expires. For purposes of this subsection, the term “air traffic controller” or “controller” has the meaning given to it under section 8401(35)(A).


5 USC § 8425(a)

Scoping language

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