determination month

(3) Effect of entitlement before September 8, 1982 (A) The annuity recomputation required by paragraph (1) shall not apply to any participant who was entitled to an annuity under this subchapter on or before September 8, 1982 , or who is entitled to a deferred annuity based on separation from the Agency occurring on or before such date. Instead of an annuity recomputation, the annuity of such participant shall be reduced at age 62 by an amount equal to a fraction of the participant’s old-age or survivors’ insurance benefits under section 402 of title 42 . The reduction shall be determined by multiplying the participant’s monthly Social Security benefit by a fraction, the numerator of which is the participant’s total military wages and deemed additional wages (within the meaning of section 429 of title 42 ) that were subject to Social Security deductions and the denominator of which is the total of all the participant’s wages, including military wages, and all self-employment income that were subject to Social Security deductions before the calendar year in which the determination month occurs. (B) The reduction determined in accordance with subparagraph (A) shall not be greater than the reduction that would be required under paragraph (1) if such paragraph applied to the participant. The new formula shall be applicable to any annuity payment payable after October 1, 1982 , including annuity payments to participants who had previously reached age 62 and whose annuities had already been recomputed. (C) For purposes of this paragraph, the term “determination month” means— (i) the first month for which the participant is entitled to old-age or survivors’ insurance benefits (or would be entitled to such benefits upon application therefor); or (ii) October 1982, in the case of any participant entitled to such benefits for that month.


50 USC § 2082(f)(3)

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