civilian American citizen

(1) As used in this subsection— (A) the term “Vietnam conflict” relates to the period beginning on February 28, 1961 , and ending on such date as shall thereafter be determined by Presidential proclamation or concurrent resolution of the Congress; and (B) the term “civilian American citizen” means any person who, being then a citizen of the United States, was captured in Southeast Asia during the Vietnam conflict by any force hostile to the United States, or who went into hiding in Southeast Asia, in order to avoid capture or internment by any such hostile force, except (i) a person who voluntarily, knowingly, and without duress, gave aid to or collaborated with or in any manner served any such hostile force, or (ii) a regularly appointed, enrolled, enlisted, or inducted member of the Armed Forces of the United States.


50 USC § 4104(i)(1)

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As used in this subsection
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