(c)Such other individuals, or body or class of individuals, as may be natives, citizens, or subjects of any nation which is an ally of a nation with which the United States is at war, other than citizens of the United States, wherever resident or wherever doing business, as the President, if he shall find the safety of the United States or the successful prosecution of the war shall so require, may, by proclamation, include within the term “ally of enemy.”The word “person,” as used herein, shall be deemed to mean an individual, partnership, association, company, or other unincorporated body of individuals, or corporation or body politic.The words “United States,” as used herein, shall be deemed to mean all land and water, continental or insular, in any way within the jurisdiction of the United States or occupied by the military or naval forces thereof.The words “the beginning of the war,” as used herein, shall be deemed to mean midnight ending the day on which Congress has declared or shall declare war or the existence of a state of war.The words “end of the war,” as used herein, shall be deemed to mean the date of proclamation of exchange of ratifications of the treaty of peace, unless the President shall, by proclamation, declare a prior date, in which case the date so proclaimed shall be deemed to be the “end of the war” within the meaning of this chapter.The words “bank or banks,” as used herein, shall be deemed to mean and include national banks, State banks, trust companies, or other banks or banking associations doing business under the laws of the United States, or of any State of the United States.The words “to trade,” as used herein, shall be deemed to mean— (a)Pay, satisfy, compromise, or give security for the payment or satisfaction of any debt or obligation. (b)Draw, accept, pay, present for acceptance or payment, or indorse any negotiable instrument or chose in action. (c)Enter into, carry on, complete, or perform any contract, agreement, or obligation. (d)Buy or sell, loan or extend credit, trade in, deal with, exchange, transmit, transfer, assign, or otherwise dispose of, or receive any form of property. (e)To have any form of business or commercial communication or intercourse with.


50 USC § 4302(c)

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