personal funds

(26) Personal funds .— The term “personal funds” means an amount that is derived from— (A) any asset that, under applicable State law, at the time the individual became a candidate, the candidate had legal right of access to or control over, and with respect to which the candidate had— (i) legal and rightful title; or (ii) an equitable interest; (B) income received during the current election cycle of the candidate, including— (i) a salary and other earned income from bona fide employment; (ii) dividends and proceeds from the sale of the candidate’s stocks or other investments; (iii) bequests to the candidate; (iv) income from trusts established before the beginning of the election cycle; (v) income from trusts established by bequest after the beginning of the election cycle of which the candidate is the beneficiary; (vi) gifts of a personal nature that had been customarily received by the candidate prior to the beginning of the election cycle; and (vii) proceeds from lotteries and similar legal games of chance; and (C) a portion of assets that are jointly owned by the candidate and the candidate’s spouse equal to the candidate’s share of the asset under the instrument of conveyance or ownership, but if no specific share is indicated by an instrument of conveyance or ownership, the value of ½ of the property.


52 USC § 30101(26)

Scoping language

None identified, default scope is assumed to be the parent (subchapter I) of this section.
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