intelligence component of the Department

(11)The term “intelligence component of the Department” means any element or entity of the Department that collects, gathers, processes, analyzes, produces, or disseminates intelligence information within the scope of the information sharing environment, including homeland security information, terrorism information, and weapons of mass destruction information, or national intelligence, as defined under, except— (A)the United States Secret Service; and (B)the Coast Guard, when operating under the direct authority of the Secretary of Defense or Secretary of the Navy pursuant tosection 3 of title 14, except that nothing in this paragraph shall affect or diminish the authority and responsibilities of the Commandant of the Coast Guard to command or control the Coast Guard as an armed force or the authority of the Director of National Intelligence with respect to the Coast Guard as an element of the intelligence community (as defined undersection 3003(4) of title 50.1


6 USC § 101(11)

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