geospatial information

(1) Definitions As used in this subsection: (A) Geospatial information The term “geospatial information” means graphical or digital data depicting natural or manmade physical features, phenomena, or boundaries of the earth and any information related thereto, including surveys, maps, charts, remote sensing data, and images. (B) Geospatial technology The term “geospatial technology” means any technology utilized by analysts, specialists, surveyors, photogrammetrists, hydrographers, geodesists, cartographers, architects, or engineers for the collection, storage, retrieval, or dissemination of geospatial information, including— (i) global satellite surveillance systems; (ii) global position systems; (iii) geographic information systems; (iv) mapping equipment; (v) geocoding technology; and (vi) remote sensing devices.


6 USC § 343(b)(1)

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As used in this subsection
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