agricultural commodity

(1) Agricultural commodity The term “agricultural commodity” means— (A) agricultural, horticultural, viticultural, and dairy products; (B) livestock and the products of livestock; (C) the products of poultry and bee raising; (D) the products of forestry; (E) products, as a class, that are— (i) produced on a certified organic farm (as defined in section 6502 of this title ); and (ii) certified to be sold or labeled as “organic” or “100 percent organic” (as defined in part 205 of title 7, Code of Federal Regulations (or a successor regulation)); (F) other commodities raised or produced on farms, as determined appropriate by the Secretary; and (G) products processed or manufactured from products specified in the preceding subparagraphs, as determined appropriate by the Secretary.


7 USC § 7412(1)

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