direct expenses

(2) Each State shall make available to emergency feeding organizations in the State not less than 40 per centum of the funds provided as authorized in paragraph (1) that it has been allocated for a fiscal year, as necessary to pay for, or provide advance payments to cover, the direct expenses of the emergency feeding organizations for distributing commodities to needy persons, but only to the extent such expenses are actually so incurred by such organizations. As used in this paragraph, the term “direct expenses” includes costs of transporting, storing, handling, repackaging, processing, and distributing commodities incurred after they are received by the organization; costs associated with determinations of eligibility, verification, and documentation; costs of providing information to persons receiving commodities under this chapter concerning the appropriate storage and preparation of such commodities; costs involved in publishing announcements of times and locations of distribution; and costs of recordkeeping, auditing, and other administrative procedures required for participation in the program under this chapter. If a State makes a payment, using State funds, to cover direct expenses of emergency feeding organizations, the amount of such payment shall be counted toward the amount a State must make available for direct expenses of emergency feeding organizations under this paragraph.


7 USC § 7508(a)(2)

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