broadband buildout requirement

(4) Broadband buildout requirements (A) In general The term “broadband buildout requirement” means the level of internet service an applicant receiving assistance under this section must agree, at the time the application is finalized, to provide for the duration of any project-related agreement between the applicant and the Department. (B) Broadband buildout requirements further defined Subject to subparagraph (C), the Secretary shall establish broadband buildout requirements for projects with agreement lengths of— (i) 5 to 10 years; (ii) 11 to 15 years; (iii) 16 to 20 years; and (iv) more than 20 years. (C) Requirements In establishing the broadband buildout requirements under subparagraph (B), the Secretary shall— (i) utilize the same metrics used to define the minimum acceptable level of broadband service under paragraph (1); (ii) establish such requirements to reasonably ensure— (I) the repayment of all loans and loan guarantees; and (II) the financed network is technically capable of providing broadband service for the lifetime of any project-related agreement. (D) Substitute service standards for unique service territories If an applicant shows that it would be cost prohibitive to meet the broadband buildout requirements established under this paragraph for the entirety of a proposed service territory due to the unique characteristics of the proposed service territory, the Secretary and the applicant may agree to utilize substitute standards for any unserved portion of the project. Any substitute service standards should continue to consider the best technology available to meet the needs of the residents in the unserved area.


7 USC § 950bb(e)(4)

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