national organic program import certificate

(13) National organic program import certificate The term “national organic program import certificate” means a form developed for purposes of the program under this chapter— (A) to provide documentation sufficient to verify that an agricultural product imported for sale in the United States satisfies the requirement under section 6514(c) of this title ; (B) which shall include, at a minimum, information sufficient to indicate, with respect to the agricultural product— (i) the origin; (ii) the destination; (iii) the certifying agent issuing the national organic program import certificate; (iv) the harmonized tariff code, if a harmonized tariff code exists for the agricultural product; (v) the total weight; and (vi) the organic standard to which the agricultural product is certified; and (C) that is not more than otherwise required under an equivalency agreement negotiated between the United States and the foreign government.


7 USC § 6502(13)

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