food and agricultural sciences

(9) Food and agricultural sciences .— The term “food and agricultural sciences” means basic, applied, and developmental research, extension, and teaching activities in food and fiber, agricultural, renewable energy and natural resources, forestry, and physical and social sciences, including activities relating to the following: (A) Animal health, production, and well-being. (B) Plant health and production. (C) Animal and plant germ plasm collection and preservation. (D) Aquaculture. (E) Food safety. (F) Soil, water, and related resource conservation and improvement. (G) Forestry, horticulture, and range management. (H) Nutritional sciences and promotion. (I) Farm enhancement, including financial management, input efficiency, and profitability. (J) Home economics. (K) Rural human ecology. (L) Youth development and agricultural education, including 4–H clubs. (M) Expansion of domestic and international markets for agricultural commodities and products, including agricultural trade barrier identification and analysis. (N) Information management and technology transfer related to agriculture. (O) Biotechnology related to agriculture. (P) The processing, distributing, marketing, and utilization of food and agricultural products.


7 USC § 3103(9)

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