international carriage

(5) The term “international carriage” means transportation of perishable foodstuffs if such foodstuffs are loaded in equipment or the equipment containing them is loaded onto a rail or road vehicle, in the territory of any country and such foodstuffs are, or the equipment containing them is, unloaded in the territory of another country that is a contracting party, where such transportation is by— (A) rail, (B) road, (C) any combination of rail and road, or (D) any sea crossing of less than one hundred and fifty kilometers, if preceded or followed by one or more land journeys as referred to in clauses (A), (B), and (C) of this paragraph, and the perishable foodstuffs are shipped in the same equipment used for such land journeys without transloading of such foodstuffs. In the case of any transportation that involves one or more sea crossings other than as specified in clause (D) of this paragraph, each land journey shall be considered separately.


7 USC § 4402(5)

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