rough rice

(7) In the case of rice— (A) The term “rough rice” means rice in that condition which is usual and customary when delivered by the producer to a processor. (B) The term “processing” means the cleaning, shelling, milling (including custom milling for toll as well as commercial milling), grinding, rolling, or other processing (except grinding or cracking by or for the producer thereof for feed for his own livestock, cleaning by or directly for a producer for seed purposes, and drying) of rough rice; and in the case of rough rice with respect to which a tax-payment warrant has been previously issued or applied for by application then pending, the term “processing” means any one of the above mentioned processings or any preparation or handling in connection with the sale or other disposition thereof. (C) The term “cooperating producer” means any person (including any share-tenant or share-cropper) whom the Secretary of Agriculture finds to be willing to participate in the 1935 production-adjustment program for rice. (D) The term “processor”, as used in subsection (b–1) of section 615 of this title , means any person (including a cooperative association of producers) engaged in the processing of rice on a commercial basis (including custom milling for toll as well as commercial milling).


7 USC § 609(d)(7)

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