development costs

(3) Grant amounts (A) Definition of development costs In this paragraph, the term “development costs” means costs of— (i) construction, including labor and materials; (ii) project applications; and (iii) other development activities, as determined by the Secretary. (B) Eligibility To be eligible for a grant under this section, in addition to the requirements of subsection (d), the project that is the subject of the grant shall— (i) be carried out in a proposed service territory in which not less than 90 percent of the households are unserved; and (ii) not concurrently receive any other broadband grant administered by the Rural Utilities Service. (C) Maximum Except as provided in subparagraph (D), the amount of any grant made under this section shall not exceed— (i) 75 percent of the total project cost with respect to an area with a density of fewer than 7 people per square mile; (ii) 50 percent of the total project cost with respect to an area with a density of 7 or more and fewer than 12 people per square mile; and (iii) 25 percent of the total project cost with respect to an area with a density of 12 or more and 20 or fewer people per square mile. (D) Secretarial authority to adjust The Secretary may— (i) make grants of up to 75 percent of the development costs of the project for which the grant is provided to an eligible entity if the Secretary determines that the project serves— (I) an area of rural households described in paragraph (2)(A)(i); or (II) a rural community described in any of subclauses (I) through (IV) of paragraph (2)(B)(i); and (ii) make modifications of the density thresholds described in subparagraph (C), in order to ensure that funds provided under this section are best utilized to provide broadband service in communities that are the most rural in character. (E) Applications The Secretary shall establish an application process for grants under this section that— (i) permits a single application for a grant and a loan under subchapter I, II, or this subchapter that is associated with such grant; and (ii) provides a single decision to award such grant and such loan. (F) Density determinations When determining population density under this section, the Secretary shall prescribe a calculation method which— (i) utilizes publicly available data; and (ii) includes only those areas in which the applicant is able to meet the service requirements under this section, as determined by the Secretary.


7 USC § 950bb(c)(3)

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