(a) Upon the exportation to any foreign country (and/or to the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, the Canal Zone, and the island of Guam) of any product processed wholly or partly from a commodity with respect to which product or commodity a tax has been paid or is payable under this chapter, the tax due and payable or due and paid shall be credited or refunded. Under regulations prescribed by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, with the approval of the Secretary of the Treasury, the credit or refund shall be allowed to the consignor named in the bill of lading under which the product is exported or to the shipper or to the person liable for the tax provided the consignor waives any claim thereto in favor of such shipper or person liable for the tax. In the case of rice, a tax due under this chapter which has been paid by a tax-payment warrant shall be deemed for the purposes of this subsection to have been paid; and with respect to any refund authorized under this section, the amount scheduled by the Commissioner of Internal Revenue for refunding shall be paid, any provision of law notwithstanding. In the case of sugar beets and sugarcane, this subsection shall be applicable to exports of products thereof to the Virgin Islands, American Samoa, the Canal Zone, and/or the island of Guam only if this chapter with respect to sugar beets and sugarcane is not made applicable thereto. The term “product” includes any product exported as merchandise, or as a container for merchandise, or otherwise.


7 USC § 617(a)

Scoping language

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