maintenance applicator

(jj)The term “maintenance applicator” means any individual who, in the principal course of such individual’s employment, uses, or supervises the use of, a pesticide not classified for restricted use (other than a ready to use consumer products pesticide); for the purpose of providing structural pest control or lawn pest control including janitors, general maintenance personnel, sanitation personnel, and grounds maintenance personnel. The term “maintenance applicator” does not include private applicators as defined in subsection (e)(2); individuals who use antimicrobial pesticides, sanitizers or disinfectants; individuals employed by Federal, State, and local governments or any political subdivisions thereof, or individuals who use pesticides not classified for restricted use in or around their homes, boats, sod farms, nurseries, greenhouses, or other noncommercial property.


7 USC § 136(jj)

Scoping language

For purposes of this subchapter
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