June 23, 1995

State Statutes, Uniform Acts (Enacted, Proposed, Revised)

Well before Federal statutes were available on the Internet (see the LII's hypertext version of the U.S. Code and the searchable version on the Library of Congress Internet server, "Thomas," the California legislature passed a law providing for Internet access to its full code, and all proposed amendments. (See California Public Access Guide - 70k.) Other states followed California's lead, with and without specific legislation. Today, the full codes of ten states are accessible on the net, and statutes of two additional states are there in significant portion.

The Legal Information Institute's server provides access to these statutes in several different ways, aimed to meet the needs of those with different purposes. Our "Legal Material - By Source" document links to a collection of Constitutions, Statutes, and Codes which will take the individual seeking the California Constitution, the Indiana Code, or the New York statutes to them. That document also provides access to a topical breakdown of state statutes which permits someone looking for statutes from several states in such areas as agriculture, corporations, criminal justice, or highways to find them. A third set of documents organizes and links those state statutes that are enactments of various "Uniform State Laws" recommended by the National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws. LII Locators for Uniform Laws enacted by the states have, to date, been created for:

The presence of this rapidly growing collection of state law permits the LII's topical organization of legal material to begin to integrate links to relevant portions of state statutes, alongside the U.S. Code and other primary material -- topic by topic.