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Distinctions and Awards

On the Web

...As a linked resource

...As a Law Site

  • named us as "Best Legal Reference Website" in an article on best legal websites May, 2000.
  • The Legal Information Institute is one of the "ten must-not-miss" sites on the net according to Internet Law Researcher.
  • Searcher calls the Legal Information Institute "the research tool of choice to find the text of laws."
  • The Internet Lawyer lists this site as "well known by most Internet Lawyers as a terrific resource" and "very comprehensive."
  • The Legal Information Institute is, not only one, but two of LefLaw's Top 40 Internet Law sites.
  • Cyber-hound: "a Class-A source of legal information."

...As an Education Site

  • StudyWeb has listed us as one of the best educational resources on the Web.
  • The people at Suite 101 ranked our site among their Top 5 Percent of educational sites on the net.
  • Academic Info has named us as a "Start With" site on the Law & Legal Resources Page for college students.
  • We've been reviewed by the Scout Report and named a Scout Report Selection.

...As a Business Site

  • The editors of the Dow Jones Business Directory include the LII as a "Select Site." About us they say: "[A]bsolutely one of the pre-eminent resources for legal information on the World Wide Web."
  • About our site the Corporate Legal Times says: "Prior to the notion of web portals or vortals, the Legal Information Institute (LII) was breaking new ground by providing organized access to everything law-related on the web. Two years ago, that task wasn't easy. Today it's exponentially more difficult."
  • Look for this site as an Internet resource at the Let's Talk Business Network.

...As an Overall High Quality Site

  • The Ziff-Davis publication Yahoo! Internet life gives us four stars and says, "Other on-line databases should be this clear, easy to use, comprehensive, and responsive."
  • The good folks at Yahoo also gave us a great pair of sunglasses : .
  • AOL noticed us too. We were named a four-magnifying-glass "must-see" site...three times!
  • We were listed as a Magellan four-star site.
  • Several of our services are listed among Point Communication's Top 5% of the Web.
  • The Christian Science Monitor Online lists us in their Online Link library, citing our "comprehensive collection of links to numerous sources... ."
  • Our site was selescted as a Hot Site at It must be pretty hot.
  • We were an NBNsoft content award winner.
  • MiningCo Voted us Top Ten Best of the Web.
  • ISI reviewed our site and found it lived up to their standards of authority, accuracy, and currency.
  • According to, we ranked among the "Best of the Net." (March 2000)
  • In May 2000 this site was given the Web Feet Seal of Approval for being an "outstanding site in its subject area."

Via Email

  • "The only way I could get the information I needed as a disabled person was to have access to the US Code via online. You were there."
    An undergraduate student, Arkansas
  • "The [Supreme Court] rarely issues decisions that bear directly on my practice. . . . The [LII Supreme Court] bulletin allows me to scan the Court's work and follow up on those cases that are relevant or interesting. It's important to me as a citizen, maybe more so than a lawyer."
    Private attorney, Wisconsin
  • "I and my office have found the . . . Legal Information Institute to be a gleaming gem in what can often be a tangle of deadend webwork."
    A city official in Hawaii
  • "I just visited your [U.S. Supreme Court] site . . . and was very pleased with all the information -- wanted to congratulate you on the work and the site organization."
    Another satisfied customer
  • "I have found your site to be invaluable in providing material for my Business and Personal Law class. It has proven to be a source of information the kids really enjoy using. ... [I]ts value to me as a teacher is immeasurable."
    A high school teacher in Mississippi
  • "I needed to get details of Title XX legislation, and since I'm not a lawyer, I had no idea where to look. It would have taken a full day's research in a public or law library. ... I did it all on your site in 20 minutes."
    Local clinic director, Pennsylvania

In Print

  • The LII is first among the law-related starting points in Burgess Allison's ABA best-selling Lawyer's Guide to the Internet
  • First among three Internet starting points in Burgess Allison's popular Technology Update column for the ABA Journal.
  • The LII is listed as a "Hot Site" in the April 2000 volume of The National Jurist Magazine for being a "good basic and advanced legal research portal"
  • The New York Times calls the LII "probably the most expansive legal reference tool online." in it's May 11, 2000 article "Untangling the Legal Maze by Surfing the Web."
  • LawResearch named this site #1 Law Resource Link of the Month in their March "Just the Law Links" Newsletter.
  • This site was awarded a Times Pick by the Los Angeles Times on October 23, 1998.
  • The Washington Times rated us "four out of four screamin' PCs." (June 23, 1997).
  • We suppose Forbes gave us a compliment when they said: "If you want to second guess your lawyer, this site is for you."
  • The libraries of the United States Sixth Circuit named us to their Top Ten Internet sites in April 1997, citing our "excellent links to other Internet sites."