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I've been a solo for eight years and need access to free, reliable, easily searchable cases, statutes, regulations, etc. You perform a valuable service by providing LII at no charge. The huge legal information service providers keep buying up the reasonably-priced, good, innovative small service providers - and then increase the fees for access. Economies of scale? Pish. Posh. No such thing. A sliding scale based on size of firm accessing info? Negatori. So please keep LII free for all of us. -- MMS

I hope the contribution will go toward those who cannot and do not understand the system we live in. I hope it will help to produce young up coming legal persons who care about their clients. It’s a rough road for those of us who don’t understand the legal system, how it affects us...thank you for the invitation and best wishes. -- KH

I only wish my employer were not barred by government regulation from matching the gift. They could pay for a more costly and less useful service, but they are not permitted to make charitble contributions. The LII is extremely useful to me more so than other sources of information. And you can’t beat the price! -- MSN

It’s my pleasure to support LII. You have been a valuable resource for me ever since I was a law student, and I’m happy to be able to give a little back. -- JPH

I am making the contribution in the hope that more of those in need of legal advice, information or assistance can benefit from the Legal Information Institute. Thank you for all of the good work that you do. -- GK

I just found your website and wanted to contact you because it is so helpful- as an employee of a local county government, i am often required to research any number of topics relating to statutes and coming across your site was a relief to me.  Thank you for continuing to offer so much information to the public. -- SKR

First, I would like to thank everyone involved in the LII program for doing what you do.  Yes - of course - the law (including all documentary information therein) should be made simply and easily available to the public.  With this service you have done the ultimate:  paved the path of democracy.  -- RV