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"Cornell’s LII WEX has extremely high quality traffic. Our conversion rates from LII WEX to JustAnswer.com are the highest we have ever seen and higher than conventional wisdom says is possible."
               -Ron Drabkin, VP Business Development, Justanswer.com: an LII advertiser

With LII's direct sponsorship opportunities, you and your organization can help LII's mission and get a little more in return than just the good feeling you get from a donation. When you directly sponsor a page or a targeted bundle of pages on LII, you get a custom ad on each of those pages.

For the most effective way to reach our readers, you can bundle targeted sections of our site together into one sponsorship package. For example, take a look at the Tax Law bundle. It combines Wex Tax pages with Title 26 of the US Code (the Internal Revenue Code) pages. But individual pages are available and include Wex pages like Bankruptcy, Copyright, Employment Discrimination.

Contact Austin Groothuis, 312-906-5303 or ag654@cornell.edu, with direct sponsorship questions.

More details about Wex and Wex sponsorships below:


Why Should I Sponsor?

High Traffic: You will see from the usage statistics below that LII’s web pages are some of the most searched, found, and viewed legal information entries online. A well placed, targeted sponsorship ad should send lots of people to your site.

Doing Well by Doing Good: Besides the obvious business benefits of attaching your brand to LII, sponsoring shows your support for the LII. We're an organization whom many government agencies, police forces, pro bono attorneys, unrepresented litigants, and more rely on for free, accurate, & timely information. Legal information that may otherwise be costly. Learn a little bit more about us...

Goodwill: A static and tasteful sponsorship message to LII readers, whom trust LII for reliable legal information, will bring a high level of goodwill to your brand.

Prestige: We're one of the most recognizable and trusted organizations in legal information on the web;  both by our audience and by search engines. Imagine, if you are an employment lawyer, attaching your name to one of the highest-ranking search entries for the keywords “employment law."




Pricing is based on popularity of the pages and the section of the site you sponsor (views and other analytics, other sponsors' interest, etc.). With 300,000 different web pages, it's tough to develop set pricing and stay flexible enough to meet your specific needs.

So if you tell us what part of the website you are interested in and who you are trying to reach with your ad, we'll give you exact analytics reports of these pages, suggestions for what sections to sponsor, and come up with a fair pricing arrangement. 

We are always willing to do a flat rate, monthly sponsorship agreement. For larger sponsorship purchases we are willing to discuss CPM or CPC agreements.

Contact Austin Groothuis, 312-906-5303 or use this form.



What Parts of the Site are Available?

You should look at Wex, different sections/chapters/subchapters of the US Code (with sections for Tax, Bankruptcy, and almost any type of law you can imagine), and the Federal Rules.

But take a look at our entire site. If you see any pages you are interested in, let us know. There are generally three slots available on each page.




Website Analytics and Statistics

LII’s website is one of the most trusted sources of free, in-depth legal information and analysis on the web. The numbers are for May ‘08 - May ’09. If you want more specific data please contact Austin, ag654@cornell.edu or 312-906-5303, or use this form.

High traffic: LII’s website is one of the most frequently visited legal sites on the internet:

  • Accessed over 18,889,000 times with over 72,080,900 page views in the last year.
  • 12,774,087 of those were unique visitors.

Search Visibility: Like most sites, much of LII’s traffic comes from search engines (over 12,000,000 visits from search engines last year). The difference with LII is its uniquely high rank for common legal phrases and keywords with search sites like Google. Take a look at LII’s top ten keyword referrals from all search engines:

Top Ten Keyword Referrals

  1. us constitution
  2. federal rules of civil procedure
  3. bill of rights
  4. supreme court justices
  5. u.s. constitution
  6. federal rules of evidence
  7. internal revenue code
  8. ucc
  9. us code
  10. first amendment

High-Quality Referring Sites: In addition to high-volume search traffic, LII has a reliable stream of referrals from trusted websites. A total of 4,151,845 visits came from referrals via 58,438 sources. Below are some of LII’s top 25 external/non-search-engine referrers from last year:

Sampling of LII’s top Referrers
wikipedia.org (1)
irs.gov (2)
epa.gov (8)
govtrack.us (9)
dol.gov (10)
aa.usno.navy.mil (12)
ftc.gov (14)
uscourts.gov (19)
usdoj.gov (22)
travel.state.gov (24)
Other Statistics: Google Ad Planner offers a good overview of LII user demographics. If you have questions about LII web statistics, either for user demographics or individual page entries, let us know. We will answer your questions if the information is available. 



What is Wex?

Wex is the web’s most widely-read collaboratively-created, free legal dictionary and encyclopedia. It is one of the most trusted legal information sources online. As a result, Wex’s entries often place very high in searches for common legal phrases (Google "immigration law" or other legal phrases and see where the LII Wex entry is. It's a fun game.).




You can also advertise on LII through Google's Ad system. Sponsoring us directly is a better deal because with direct sponsorship ads you aren't paying a middleman, you get the coveted top-left position on the page, and you don't compete with others for impressions. But if your budget is under $50 a month for LII, this might be the place to start. Here is our Google Ad Planner page with more information.



Why Should I NOT Sponsor (Attempted PageRank Manipulation and Our nofollow Policy)?

LII's website is a highly trusted legal information resource. Maybe the web's most trusted. Not coincidentally, our search engine placement is very high. We're very excited to now offer sponsors the chance to bring impressions, clicks, referrals, name recognition, and goodwill all while helping us towards our mission.

But sponsors who want for us to directly pass our PageRank and search engine placement juice to them or those who wish to directly manipulate search engine placement through a link on LII, will need to look somewhere else.

We always use the nofollow tag, as your contract will explicitly state, on all paid sponsors' links. This is inline with Google's policies which are absolutely clear; relevant or irrelevant, all paid links are to have a nofollow tag. Here is the official Google blog post that best articulates the reasoning for our (and Google's) policy.

But remember, our sponsorships are priced with the nofollow tag in mind, so we encourage you to sponsor because of the referrals, goodwill, and eyeballs a sponsorship will bring you. Thank you for understanding!




Ad Specifications

Ads are text-based with one URL. You can choose the text of your sponsorship, following our guidelines below. But we reserve the right to accept or decline ads for any (or no) reason. Hint: If you follow Google's text advertising standards, in general, there will probably be no problems.

Ad Placement: See an example of the placement of Ads on a Wex page.

Character Limitations: Wex sponsorship ads must adhere to the following character limitations, including spaces:

  • 24-character headline (20 recommended)
  • 50-character first line
  • 50-character second line (optional)
  • 27-character link text (visible text of any URL, does not need to exactly match actual link)
  • 1024-character URL (actual link).

NOTE: all links from LII sponsorship ads are implemented as "nofollow" links. Please see above why we do While this may reduce their immediate SEO impact, we believe that it is in the best long-term interest of our clients not to game Google.

Use this form or contact Austin, ag654@cornell.edu or 312-906-5303, to reserve your sponsorship slot.