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What is LII Supreme Court Bulletin?:

LIIBulletin is one of the most respected and long-running free electronic publications for quality US Supreme Court news, previews, and analysis. Started in 1993, the LIIBulletin is published via email and has at least 19,000 subscribers. Subscribe to LII Bulletin. It keeps readers informed of SCOTUS news through:

  • Objective, original, in-depth legal analysis of US Supreme Court cases and decisions (example),
  • Previews of upcoming Court cases (example), and
  • Notification of Supreme Court decisions within minutes of their release.

See the archives of Bulletin emails or find most of the Bulletin content's home on the web.

The Bulletin is published by the nonprofit Legal Information Institute and written/edited by a team of select law students at Cornell Law School.

How Often We Publish:

We send the Bulletin to 19,000+ subscribers about 40 times a year, including 14 oral argument preview editions and a new release on every day that the Court issues decisions. View the complete archives.

Subscribers typically receive mailings within minutes of the decision being issued. 

Why Should I Sponsor?:

ROI: This unprecedented access to our list of 19,000+ subscribers lets you send your brand’s message to thousands of Court watchers who trust LII.

When you sponsor a Bulletin mailing, you get exclusive sponsorship rights to that email. Your sponsorship message is the only one 19,000 subscribers will see on those emails.

Doing Well by Doing Good: Sponsoring shows support for the Legal Information Institute (LII), whose mission is to make high-quality electronic legal information freely available to everyone. Visit us online at for more information.

Goodwill and Prestige: LII has given readers reliable high-quality, free legal information for years, so an exclusive sponsorship message attaches a high level of goodwill and prestige to your brand.

Tremendous Value for Limited First Offering: We believe exclusive sponsorship of a well-respected publication targeted at legal professionals is a tremendous opportunity. This is our first time offering sponsorship advertising, so contact us now and tell us you're interested.

How Many People Read LII Bulletin?

Over 19,000 people subscribe to the LII Bulletin emails.  The list is growing, with adds outpacing drops by approximately four to one for the last 3 years.

Who Reads LIIBulletin?

A Large, Targeted Email List: Over 18,500 individuals receive LIIBulletin emails, most of whom work in the legal field and the majority of whom are lawyers. These numbers are based off of a survey conducted by LII.

Top 5 Reported Professions of LII Bulletin Subscribers
Law Professor or other teacher
Law Student or other student
Librarians/Information Specialist

Other subscribers generally deal with legal information in the regular course of their job (like paralegals, law clerks, or police officers) or are very interested in quality legal information and analysis (like retired legal professionals).

A Realistic Cross-Section of Professionals: The list’s lawyers, librarians, and judges, who together represent a wide majority of readers, work in a variety of law-related roles, representing a realistic cross-section of the legal profession.

The graph below shows where our readers work, based the results of a 2009 survey of subscribers. Click the graph to view a larger version.

Loyal Readers: Bulletin readers are extremely loyal. Over 40% of Bulletin subscribers have received the LII Bulletin for 5+ years. Over 80% of our total list has been with us for 3+ years. 

Those are astonishing numbers for an electronic publication that emails its subscribers so often. It shows the level of trust readers have in LII materials and the value readers perceive in our emails.

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Pricing and Specifications:

Pricing is based on a per mailing basis and there are mutliple cases and analyses in each mailing. There are three types of mailing that LII sends to its Bulletin subscribers (please contact us for pricing details of each):

  • Regular/report edition mailings (non-June),
  • Analysis mailings, and
  • June edition mailings.

Analysis mailings have original content and analysis of US Supreme Court cases. They are generally more well-read than the regular editions and are priced accordingly. June mailings are generally when the most important decisions come out and generate the most traffic and buzz of all maillings. Let us know if you would like pricing details.

Ad Specifications: Sponsorship ads include:

  • One 150 x 50 logo of your choice
  • A customized sponsorship message from you/your organization

All ad content is subject to the approval of LII and may be refused for any (or no) reason.

Placement: Your custom message, picture, and link is the first thing readers see directly below the email header. Click the sample email below for a closer view of what your ad will look like:

Other pricing details:

  • Mailings are sold exclusively to one sponsor for each of the approximately 40 mailings to 18,500+ subscribers.
  • Sponsorship are rewarded on a first come/first serve basis.
  • No limit to the number of mailings you sponsor.
  • Due to the time sensitive nature of the delivery of our mailings and the unpredictability of Supreme Court decisions, we cannot pinpoint the exact date or content of your email. But we are willing to work with sponsors who wish to sponsor long-term or over an extended period of time, as long as these opportunities are available.

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