Sponsorship Opportunities in Tax Law and 26 USC

Tax service and software providers, you can reach users of the definitive collection of tax law on the web with a sponsorship ad on LII's tax law pages (listed at the bottom of this page).

We will work with you to build a custom sponsor package that targets the LII tax law users you want to reach.

Contact Austin (312-906-5303, ag654@cornell.edu) about sponsorsing LII tax pages.

Here are some more details...

How you can sponsor LII tax law pages.:

We're looking for a few sponsors--or even one exclusive sponsor--to place an ad with a custom link and ad text on our tax law pages.

Building a tax law sponsorship package: We'll work with you to customize a sponsorship package based on your needs and budget. Just let us know what areas of our tax law pages you are interested in sponsoring. We suggest starting out by taking a look at the natural divisions created by the subtitles of Title 26.

Exclusive sponsorship: Or you could simply sponsor all of Title 26 and reach the 5,000,000+ views that rely on us for their tax law each year. But you need to contact us quickly if you're interested in sponsoring Title 26.

Pricing: We'll come up with a fair monthly price by looking at traffic for pages you sponsor. We'll also take into consideration the size of your sponsorship buy: the more you buy the more we'll work with you on price.

*Please note that sponsored links are always "nofollow" links.

The definitive collection of tax law on the web?:

Lots of targeted traffic: The tax law pages on LII get over five million total hits a year. Mostly from our version of US Code Title 26 which covers the US Internal Revenue Code. We're happy to share more detailed user statistics with you.

Trusted by and linked from the IRS: The IRS entrusts LII's version of the Internal Revenue Code to deliver tax law to US citizens. Follow the links to the Internal Revenue Code here on IRS.gov to see for yourself. The IRS links directly to LII's version of the code. You'll also find our version of USC 26 on IRS' official Tax Products DVD.

Search engines trust us: Our tax law pages show up very high for common searches. Searches on Google or other search engines for common terms like "tax law" or "Internal Revenue Code." LII's tax pages are always high in results for common phrases like these.

What pages are available?:

Here are some links to our available tax law pages:

All of Title 26 of the US Code - Internal Revenue Code (over five million total views last year).

Wex Tax Pages (over fifty thousand total views last year).

 Contact Austin (312-906-5303 or ag654@cornell.edu) to get more info.