AALS Section Program -- Law and Computers

Friday, January 7, 1994

Publishing Online - Why and How?

Will Sadler

Online Publishing




Unix Tools
Next Generation Tools
World Wide Web


Hypertext and Hypermedia
Bush - 1945 "As We May Think"

Ted Nelson

Linear Texts v. Hypertext

Educational Uses

First Generation Tools
BBS, Compuserve, America Online, etc.

Listservers, EMail

FTP, Telnet

Next Generation Tools
First Examples - Gopher

[For an example see the WWW server at Will Sadler's law school. Ed.]
Creating and Designing Online Documents
1. Design Team

2. Getting the Text Online

3. Hardware

Will Sadler
The IU School of Law has set up a WWW server in order to do most of the things Mr. Sadler discusses. The school has plans to provide access to the Internet and its WWW based information for all IU alumni. The school will also be hosting several mailing lists for a variety of subject areas, most related to its community. It currently offers a publicly accessible account running LYNX through which anyone with Telnet can access the Web.

Will Sadler has been working as the Systems Coordinator at the IU School of Law in Bloomington for the last 4 years while simultaneouly pursuing a totally non-computer oriented degree in Historical Musicology at the IU School of Music. He first became interested in Internet based legal resources while trying to manage thirty or so modems being used to access Westlaw and Lexis, none having the same configuration or baud rate.

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