35 USCS Sect. 368

U.S. Patent Act

..Part IV. Patent Cooperation Treaty

....Chapt. 36. International Stage

Sect. 368. Secrecy of certain inventions; filing international applications in foreign countries

(a) International applications filed in the Patent and Trademark Office shall be subject to the provisions of chapter 17 of this title [35 USCS Sects. 181 et seq.].

(b) In accordance with article 27(8) of the treaty, the filing of an international application in a country other than the United States on the invention made in this country shall be considered to constitute the filing of an application in a foreign country within the meaning of chapter 17 of this title [35 USCS Sects. 181 et seq.], whether or not the United States is designated in that international application.

(c) If a license to file in a foreign county is refused or if an international application is ordered to be kept secret and a permit refused, the Patent and Trademark Office when acting as a Receiving Office, International Searching Authority, or International Preliminary Examining Authority, may not disclose the contents of such application to anyone not authorized to receive such disclosure.