Ala. Admin. Code r. 190-X-2-.11 - Renewal of License

Current through Register Vol. 40, No. 6, March 31, 2022

(1) Annual Renewal Required. Each license shall be subject to renewal on September 30 of the year for which it is issued and every person having a valid license may on or before September 30th renew the license for the ensuing year by completing the renewal application, submitting documentation as set forth below and with the payment to the State Board of Chiropractic Examiners of the fees set forth below.
(2) Continuing Professional Education Required. A minimum of 18 hours of continuing education as approved by the Alabama State Board of Chiropractic Examiners is required annually for license renewal.
(a) As a condition of licensure renewal, a chiropractor must obtain every year a minimum of two (2) hours of continuing education in Board approved courses on chiropractic regulation and compliance with the Alabama Chiropractic Practice Act and Board rules. The two (2) hours are included in the minimum of 18 hours.
(b) Any individual who is initially licensed as a chiropractor in this state after October 1, 2011 shall complete as part of the continuing education requirement four (4) hours of continuing education in Board approved courses on chiropractic regulation and compliance with the Alabama Chiropractic Practice Act and Board Rules as a condition of renewal for the year following their initial licensure.
(c) The requirement set forth in (a) and (b) above may be satisfied by distance-based continuing education in addition to the distance-based education allowed in paragraph (3).
(3) No more than one third (1/3) of the required hours may be completed in a distance based continuing education format which complies with the provisions of this rule.

Annually shall mean October 1 - September 30 of each year. The Board may, in the Event of a National or State Declaration of Emergency, by majority vote suspend the requirement that only 1/3 of the required hours be obtained by distance-based formats, for the length of the declared emergency.

(a) All providers of distance based continuing education courses must be an entity approved by the Board as set forth by Board Rule 190-X-1-.19.
(4) The continuing educational requirement for the purpose of license renewal for any person who has graduated from a recognized CCE chiropractic college within the licensure year immediately preceding the licensure year indicated on the license renewal form except hours required in (2)(b) above may be met through attendance at a recognized CCE chiropractic college (a minimum of 18 hours). This applies only to the first license renewal period after initial licensing.

During the grace period (October 1 to December 31) for renewal, a licensee may complete any continuing education requirements for renewal that the licensee failed to complete during the prior fiscal year. Hours obtained during the grace period do not qualify or apply to the deferral procedure outlined below. Hours must be received in the board office before January 1 to avoid reinstatement.

(5) Educational Requirement May Be Waived Or Deferred.
(a) A licensee who cannot complete the continuing educational requirements because of personal physical illness or disability, military service or other circumstances beyond the licensees control which the board deems to be sufficient to impose a hardship may apply for a waiver or deferral of time to complete the continuing education requirements. Any wavier or deferral of time to complete the education requirements will be granted solely in the discretion of the board.
(b) A licensee seeking a wavier or deferral must make application on the form provided by the Executive Director of the Board, prior to the December 31 license expiration for completion of the education requirement. For waivers or deferrals due to illness, the application form must be accompanied by a written statement from a physician stating the diagnosis, prognosis and length of time the licensee will be unable to practice or attend an educational program. Waivers or deferrals due to personal physical illness or disability may be granted only to a licensee who has suffered a personal illness or personal disability of a nature that prevented or will prevent him/her from engaging in the active practice of chiropractic for a significant portion of the continuing education period.
(c) All licensees seeking wavier or deferral shall provide full and complete written documentation of the grounds supporting the reasons for which a deferral is sought. A licensee who request a wavier or deferral of time to complete the required hours of continuing education shall not engage in the active practice of chiropractic beyond December 31 of any year and until the board grants the licensee's request for wavier or deferral.
(6) Renewal Fee Required.
(a) A licensee shall pay the fee as established in Rule 190-X-.1 -.18. The renewal fee may be paid by cashier check, certified check, money order, or credit card.
(b) A licensee who is prevented from practicing chiropractic by reason of physical disability, temporary active duty with any of the armed forces of the United States, or while any licensee is completely retired from the practice of chiropractic may request a waiver or reduction of the fee for annual renewal. The waiver or reduction shall be effective so long as the disability, temporary active duty or complete retirement continues. Licensee must notify the Board within fifteen (15) days from the onset of any claimed physical disability, temporary active duty or complete retirement as set forth above. Licensee shall notify the Board within fifteen (15) days when any such condition no longer is applicable. Forms for waiver or reduction of fees must be obtained from the Office of the Executive Director.
(7) Late Penalty. A penalty shall be charged any person who fails to complete the renewal by September 30 as established in Rule 190-X-.1 -.18.
(8) A chiropractor may continue to practice until December 31 of the year for which a license is issued subject to Code of Ala. 1975, Section 34-24-165(b).
(9) The license of any chiropractor who fails to renew on or before January 1st shall be automatically suspended. Any chiropractor whose license is automatically suspended shall be allowed reinstatement if on or before January 31st the chiropractor submits documentation of compliance for conditions of renewal and submits payment of the applicable reinstatement fee. Any chiropractor who seeks reinstatement due to nonrenewal after January 31st shall comply with the requirements of Code of Ala. 1975, Section 34-24-176.


Ala. Admin. Code r. 190-X-2-.11
Filed September 30, 1982. Amended: Filed February 16, 1984; March 6, 1985; December 2, 1986; January 29, 1990; May 21, 1991. Amended: Filed September 11, 1996; effective October 16, 1996. Amended: Filed June 4, 1997; effective July 9, 1997. Amended: Filed September 18, 1997; effective October 23, 1997. Amended: Filed September 29, 1998; effective November 3, 1998. Amended: Filed September 7, 1999; effective October 12, 1999. Amended: Filed June 12, 2000; effective July 17, 2000. Amended: Filed March 6, 2001; effective April 10, 2001. Amended: Filed May 23, 2001; effective June 27, 2001. Amended: Filed June 14, 2002; effective July 19, 2002. Amended: Filed November 6, 2003; effective December 11, 2003. Amended: Filed April 15, 2004; effective May 20, 2004. Amended: Filed June 15, 2006; effective July 20, 2006. Amended: Filed January 19, 2007; effective February 19, 2007. Amended: Filed January 29, 2009; effective March 5, 2009. Amended: Filed June 18, 2009; effective July 23, 2009. Amended: Filed January 20, 2012; effective February 24, 2012. Amended: Filed October 18, 2012; effective November 22, 2012. Amended: Filed January 16, 2013; effective February 20, 2013. Amended: Filed October 17, 2013; effective November 21, 2013. Amended by Alabama Administrative Monthly Volume XXXIV, Issue No. 01, October 30, 2015, eff. 11/23/2015. Amended by Alabama Administrative Monthly Volume XXXIX, Issue No. 03, December 31, 2020, eff. 2/14/2021.

Author: Board of Chiropractic Examiners

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, ยงยง 34-24-144, 34-24-165, 34-24-172, 34-24-176.

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