Ala. Admin. Code r. 190-X-2-.15 - Licensure By Reciprocity

Current through Register Vol. 40, No. 6, March 31, 2022

(1) The Board may license an applicant if the applicant is licensed in another state which under like condition grants reciprocal licensure without examination to chiropractors duly licensed by examination in this state, and that in the opinion of the board, has standards of practice or licensure equal to or stricter that the requirements imposed by this state subject to the following conditions:
(a) The applicant for licensure by reciprocity must possess a license in good standing in all states in which the applicant is licensed. At the time of the application, the applicant must have practiced chiropractic for at least five (5) years and for the preceding three (3) years the applicant must have been actively licensed and practicing chiropractic in the reciprocating state.
(b) The applicant must not be the subject of any pending complaint or investigation in any state or jurisdiction in which the applicant holds or has held a license. The applicant must provide all information, including any information or documentation requested by the Board, in connection with any pending complaint or investigation for the Board's review. The pendency of any complaint or investigation may be considered by the Board as a reason for denying licensure by reciprocity.
(c) The applicant must not have been disciplined in any state in which he or she holds or has held a license resulting from conduct which would constitute a violation of any of the grounds set forth in Code of Ala. 1975, Section 34-24-166.
(d) The applicant shall not have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude. A plea of nolo contendere shall be considered a conviction.
(e) The applicant must be current with continuing education requirements of the other state.
(f) The applicant must not have been found guilty of any actions in any state which could have resulted in discipline pursuant to Code of Ala. 1975, § 34-24-166.
(2) The applicant must complete all forms required by the Board including but not limited to an application for licensure by reciprocity. In addition, as part of the application process, and in order for the application to be considered complete, it shall be the responsibility of the applicant to submit the following:
(a) All applicable fees.
(b) Certification from the Board in each state where the applicant is currently licensed or previously held a license that the applicant's license is currently in good standing or was during the time the applicant possessed such a license. This certification from the Board(s) shall also include a statement that the applicant is in compliance with the provisions of paragraph (1)(a)-(c) above.
(c) any and all available information pertaining to the examination taken by the applicant which resulted in licensure in the other state(s).
(d) a certified transcript of applicant's chiropractic college grades sent directly from the school.
(e) a certified transcript of any National Board examinations sent directly from NBCE.
(f) An affidavit attesting to the applicant's compliance with all the provisions of this rule.
(3) In addition to the requirements listed above, the Board may, as a requirement of the application process, require the applicant to appear for a personal interview.
(4) The Board may consider as part of the application process whether the applicant has ever failed a licensure examination and the applicant shall be required to submit any documentation requested by the Board in connection with such failure.
(5) The Board may consider as part of the application process whether the applicant has ever been denied licensure in any state, regardless of the type of licensure. Upon request of the Board, the applicant shall submit any documentation in connection with such denial.
(6) Any applicant for licensure by reciprocity as a condition to the granting of such license must successfully pass an Alabama jurisprudence examination.


Ala. Admin. Code r. 190-X-2-.15
New Rule: Filed November 16, 1994; effective December 21, 1994. Repealed: Filed January 19, 2001; effective February 23, 2001. New Rule: Filed November 6, 2003; effective December 11, 2003. Amended: Filed August 24, 2006; effective September 28, 2006. Amended: Filed October 19, 2010; effective November 23, 2010.

Author: S Bolton

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, §§ 34-24-140, 34-24-161.

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