Ala. Admin. Code r. 400-6-2-.01 - Well Permit

(1) Activities Requiring Permits. A permit for the drilling, development and operation of a facility for underground storage of gas may be issued only after notice and hearing by the State Oil and Gas Board.
(2) Permit Requirements. Application for permits for underground storage wells shall be considered as a two-step process. All wells drilled or recompleted for the purpose of underground storage shall comply with the following permitting requirements:
(a) Step 1.
1. Well permit requirements as set forth in Rule 400-1-2-.01 or 400-2-2-.01, whichever is applicable for the drilling or conversion of a well for underground storage purposes;
2. A plat, in triplicate, prepared by a licensed land surveyor showing the location of the proposed underground storage well. The plat shall be drawn to the scale of one (1) inch equals one thousand (1,000) feet, unless otherwise stipulated by the Supervisor and shall show distances from the proposed well to the nearest governmental section lines. The plat shall show the direction of north, and the latitude and longitude in decimal degrees to five (5) significant digits and state plane coordinates of the proposed well. The plat shall also show the location and status of all other wells that have been drilled within one-fourth (1/4) mile of the proposed underground storage well;
3. A prognosis specifying the drilling, completion, or conversion procedures for the proposed underground storage well; and
4. A well bore sketch giving a full description of the casing in the underground storage well, or the proposed casing program, including a full description of cement already in place or as proposed; and the proposed method of testing casing before use of the underground storage well.
(b) Step 2.
1. Permit application, Form OGB-1D, Application for Permit to Inject Storage Gas;
2. A schematic diagram of the surface injection system and its appurtenances;
3. A schematic of the underground storage well showing the base of the deepest underground source of drinking water (USDW), casing, cementing, tubing, and plug and packer records, a diagram of the cavity, and the method and results of casing tests reported on Form OGB-7, Well Record and Completion or Recompletion Report, before use of the underground storage well;
4. A copy of the sonar survey performed in the cavity;
5. An affidavit specifying that the source of injected gas will be of pipeline quality;
6. The results of a mechanical-integrity test of the well bore and cavity in accordance with the pressure test requirements in Rule 400-6-7.01;
7. A certificate, entitled "Certificate of Effectiveness", which shall contain a statement that the storage operator has acquired by eminent domain or otherwise all necessary ownership rights with respect to the storage facility, and the date upon which the storage facility shall be effective;
8. Forms OGB-7 and OGB-8; and
9. Two (2) copies of all electrical, mechanical, radioactive, and dipmeter logs or such other surveys performed as a part of drilling, completing, or converting the underground storage well unless previously submitted to the Board.
(3) Permit Approval Procedures. Applications for underground storage well permits shall be submitted in writing to the Supervisor in accordance with section (2). Approval to inject gas may be granted by the Supervisor after submittal and consideration of the information required under section (2)(b).
(4) Expiration of a Permit. A permit shall expire six (6) months from the date of issuance if the permitted well has not been spudded.

Author: State Oil And Gas Board


Ala. Admin. Code r. 400-6-2-.01
New Rule: Filed April 11, 2000; effective May 16, 2000.

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, ยงยง 9-17-1 et seq.

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