Ala. Admin. Code r. 620-X-7-.01 - Licenses

(1) Every individual who holds a valid current license as a nursing home administrator issued by the Board under this Chapter shall immediately upon issuance have the right and privilege of acting and serving as a nursing home administrator and of using the abbreviation "N.H.A." after their name. Thereafter, such individual shall annually be required to make application to the Board for a renewal of license, and to report any facts requested by the Board on forms provided for such purposes. All license renewals will be issued and are due on the last day of the month in which the license expires, and all requirements must be met by that date.
(2) Upon making an application for a renewal of license, the individual shall pay an annual fee as determined by the Board, and at the same time shall submit evidence satisfactory to the Board that during the year immediately preceding application for renewal, he or she has complied with the requirements of the Board concerning the continuing education of nursing home administrators as provided in Rule 620-X-6-.01, paragraph (1) of these Rules and Regulations. The required continuing education hours must be completed by the renewal date of the license. It is the responsibility of the licensee to keep a current physical address and email address with the Board.
(3) Upon receipt of the application for renewal of license, the renewal fee, and the evidence required with respect to continuing education, the Board shall issue a letter and renewal card to the nursing home administrator.
(4) Failure to secure an annual renewal of a license based on a failure to meet the continuing education requirements, shall result in the expiration of the license. All persons holding an expired license and wishing to reactive the license shall be required to submit a new application , have 24 hours of current (no more than one year old at the time of reactivation) continuing education credit approved b the Board prior to the reactivation of the license and pass a written state examination for licensure.
(5) A licensee who complies with the continuing education requirements but who does not renew within 90 days following its due date shall be deemed delinquent and may renew within the 90 day period by paying a late renewal fee established by the Board. A license that is not renewed within the 90 day period shall be deemed expired, and is subject to reapplication as provided in Rule No. , paragraph (4) of these rules and regulations.
(6) A licensee who holds a current license and who is not practicing as a nursing home administrator may place that license into an "inactive status" upon written application to the Board. Any licensee whose license has been placed on inactive status may not engage in the practice of nursing home administration. A licensee whose license is on an inactive status who wishes to "reactivate" that license may do so by making application to the Board. The applicant shall attach proof of having completed 24 hours of approved continuing education credits within one year of making application for license reactivation, and shall pay a reactivation fee established by the Board. A licensee may not have his/her license in inactive status for more than five years. After five years in inactive status, the license automatically becomes expired.
(7) Only an individual who has qualified as a licensed and registered nursing home administrator who holds a current license shall have the right and privilege of using the title "Nursing Home Administrator," and have the right and privilege of using the abbreviation "NHA" after their name. No other person shall use or shall be designated by such title or such abbreviation or any other words, letters, signs, cards, or device tending to or intended to indicate that such person is a licensed nursing home administrator.
(8) The Board shall maintain a file of all applications for licensure that includes the following information on each applicant: residence, name, age, the name and address of his/her employer or business connection, the date of application, educational and experience qualifications, action taken by the Board, serial numbers of licenses issued to the applicant and the date on which the Board acted on or reviewed the application.
(9) The Board shall maintain a list of current licensees of the Board, and shall furnish the list on demand to any person who pays a fee established by the Board.


Ala. Admin. Code r. 620-X-7-.01
January 8, 1982; Filed September 30, 1982. Amended: Filed July 30, 1993; effective August 24, 1993. Amended: Filed May 18, 1998; effective June 22, 1998. Amended: Filed September 11, 2003; effective October 16, 2003. Amended by Alabama Administrative Monthly Volume XXXIV, Issue No. 09, June 30, 2016, eff. 7/30/2016.

Author: Linda U. Jordan, Chairman

Statutory Authority: Code of Ala. 1975, ยง 34-20 -13.

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