15 AAC 23.360 - Permanent fund dividend donations for educational purposes and the dividend raffle; eligibility

Current through April 6, 2022

(a) As part of the online permanent fund dividend application, the department will provide an option for an applicant who is 18 years of age or older to direct that all or a portion of the applicant's dividend payment be donated for educational purposes and to enter the permanent fund dividend raffle. The department will provide an alternative method of donation and entry for an applicant who is unable to submit an online application.
(b) An applicant may make a donation under this section in increments of $100, up to the total amount of the permanent fund dividend that the applicant is entitled to receive, rounded down to the nearest $100. Each $100 donation is equal to one entry into the raffle under AS 43.23.230. An applicant may not withdraw or exchange a donation after the applicant submits the original application.
(c) Regardless of the amount of a donation for educational purposes an applicant intends to make under this section and AS 43.23.230, if an applicant makes both a charitable contribution under AS 43.23.130 and a donation for educational purposes as described in AS 43.23.230, and the combined total of required deductions, charitable contributions, and donations results in an amount greater than an applicant would otherwise be entitled to receive as a permanent fund dividend the order of subtraction shall be as follows:
(1) first, the full amount of any required deductions;
(2) second, the full amount, to the extent of any remaining balance, of charitable contribution made under AS 43.23.130; and
(3) last, donations for educational purposes as provided for in this section and AS 43.23.230.
(d) If the department determines that an applicant is not eligible for a permanent fund dividend by December 31 of the dividend year, then the department will void a donation made by the applicant. If the department determines that an applicant is eligible for a permanent fund dividend after December 31 of the dividend year, the department will void a donation made by the applicant and pay to the applicant the amount available after any required deductions. The department will deposit a donation from an eligible applicant not later than December 31 of the dividend year for appropriation under AS 43.23.230 and will pay the applicant the amount available, if any, after payment of any required deductions or contributions under AS 43.23.130.
(e) If the department finds the recipient of a dividend raffle prize ineligible for a permanent fund dividend under AS 43.23.270 for the dividend year of the prize-winning donation and entry, the prize is forfeit in accordance with the procedures set out under AS 43.23.270. The department will re-deposit the forfeited prize in the dividend raffle fund. The department has six years after the date of an improperly paid prize to send the recipient notice of the improperly paid prize. If the department finds that the recipient is ineligible and that the prize is forfeit, the department will make funds collected and returned to the dividend raffle fund available for determination of future prizes. The department will not use the collected and returned funds to revise prizes from previous dividend years. The department will not revise a prize or draw an additional prize winner for a dividend year for the sole reason that a recipient is subsequently found ineligible.
(f) An applicant may make a donation under this section, but is ineligible to receive a prize from the dividend raffle fund if the applicant is
(1) employed by the Department of Revenue commissioner's office during
(A) the application period for the dividend year immediately before a dividend raffle fund drawing; or
(B) the 30-day period immediately preceding and including the date of the dividend raffle fund drawing;
(2) a raffle drawing auditor appointed by the commissioner of revenue under 15 AAC 23.370;
(3) a member of the team securing and transporting the drawing container containing raffle tickets;
(4) an employee within the department that actively assisted in generating dividend raffle tickets; or
(5) a person who draws one or more winning tickets at the dividend raffle fund drawing.
(g) In this section, "required deductions" means attachments, garnishments or levies, including assignments under AS 43.23.200, issued against an applicant's Permanent Fund Dividend payment, on behalf of an agency, in order to collect funds.


15 AAC 23.360
Eff. 12/25/2020, Register 236, January 2021; am 12/24/2021,Register 240, January 2022

Authority:AS 43.23.055

AS 43.23.220

AS 43.23.270

AS 43.23.200

AS 43.23.230

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