15 AAC 23.370 - Permanent fund dividend raffle procedures,

Current through April 6, 2022

(a) The commissioner will conduct the permanent fund dividend raffle not later than January 31 each year. The department will provide public notice of the date, time, and location of the drawing on the Alaska Online Public Notice System (AS 44.62.175) at least 15 days before the drawing is scheduled to occur.
(b) The commissioner will appoint a certified public accountant to serve as the auditor for the dividend raffle. The auditor shall witness the raffle drawing and certify in writing, within a reasonable time after the raffle is completed, the department's compliance with the procedures set out under this section. As the witness to the raffle drawing, the auditor shall
(1) watch as printed tickets are placed in the dividend raffle drawing container;
(2) accompany the printed tickets to the location of the dividend raffle draw;
(3) watch the drawing occur; and
(4) accompany the printed tickets being returned to the department.
(c) After all appropriated donations are deposited into the dividend raffle fund, at least two department employees shall together generate a consecutively numbered table of dividend raffle tickets, representing one ticket for each entry into the raffle. The table must include the name of each entrant, a ticket number, and the permanent fund dividend applicant locator number. The completed table must be used to print dividend raffle tickets for each entry. A raffle ticket must contain on its face the same information contained in the table. The auditor appointed under this section shall inspect and compare the table with the printed tickets and confirm that
(1) the dividend raffle tickets are numbered consecutively;
(2) the number of entries in the completed table is equal to the number of printed tickets; and
(3) a random comparison of information on a ticket and in the table corresponds.
(d) In the presence of the auditor, the department employees who generated the table shall place the printed raffle tickets into a container designated for the permanent fund dividend raffle drawing. The auditor shall accompany the container to the location of the dividend raffle drawing.
(e) At the time and location of the drawing, the commissioner or a designee will announce to the public the amount of each prize and make available the calculation for each amount. After sharing this information, a person who is not an employee of the department or the auditor appointed under this section may draw the winning raffle tickets. Tickets must be shown to the raffle auditor before the names are read aloud.
(f) After the winning tickets are drawn, the container must be secured and returned to the department. Remaining tickets must be stored and retained as a public record. Winning tickets must be stored separately and also retained as a public record. Within a reasonable time after the drawing occurs, the department will post on the department's website
(1) the amount of each prize and the calculation for each amount;
(2) the names on the winning tickets;
(3) the procedure followed under this section; and
(4) the auditor's certification of compliance with these procedures.
(g) The department will provide the prize amount awarded to the winners of the raffle drawing within a reasonable time after the drawing occurs.


15 AAC 23.370
Eff. 12/25/2020, Register 236, January 2021

Authority:AS 43.23.055

AS 43.23.220

AS 43.23.230

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