18 AAC 23.040 - Premises and operations

Current through April 6, 2022

The owner or operator of a school or shop subject to 18 AAC 23.010(b) shall ensure that

(1) the premises of and the grounds surrounding the school or shop are kept clean and in good repair, and are free of insects, rodents, and other pests and conditions that are likely to attract or harbor insects, rodents, and other pests; the department may require an owner or operator to hire a commercial pest control applicator certified under 18 AAC 90 to handle an insect, rodent, or other pest problem if the operator does not demonstrate to the department's satisfaction that the operator has adequately controlled the problem with pesticides and traps, or if an imminent health hazard exists; if the department requires a certified commercial pest control applicator under this section, the operator shall provide documentation to the department detailing the actions taken by the applicator;
(2) the school or shop is adequate in size, design, and construction to accommodate the procedures performed in the school or shop and to prevent cross-contamination of cleaned and sanitized surfaces and equipment with soiled surfaces and equipment;
(3) each floor and wall in a procedure area is covered with smooth, durable, nonabsorbent, and easily cleanable material and is kept clean; a carpet may not be used in a procedure area except in a manicuring procedure area; in an area where a carpet is used, it must be vacuumed at a frequency to keep the carpet clean;
(4) each ceiling in the procedure area is light-colored; if acoustical tiles are used, the tiles must be replaced if soiled;
(5) ventilation by natural or mechanical means is provided to keep air fresh and to prevent the accumulation of excessive heat, steam, condensation, vapors, smoke, and fumes; if a mechanical ventilation system is used, the discharge from that ventilation system must comply with 18 AAC 50;
(6) an area separate from the procedure area is provided for janitorial equipment and cleaning supplies;
(7) unless the department has approved an alternate water storage and dispensing system under 18 AAC 23.030(1), hot and cold running water under pressure that can be tempered to a temperature between 100 - 120ยบ F by a mixing valve or combination faucet is provided in a school or shop;
(8) at least one toilet and handsink that is located in a toilet room for client use is installed, maintained, and kept clean; in addition,
(A) each toilet must be connected to a community sewer system if the system is within 200 feet of the structure; if a community sewer system is not available within 200 feet, the method of waste disposal must comply with 18 AAC 72;
(B) toilet paper must be provided in a dispenser in each toilet room;
(C) a toilet room must have self-closing doors; and
(D) each handsink must be equipped with
(i) liquid soap; and
(ii) disposable towels or a hand-drying device providing heated air;
(9) each handsink and utility sink is separate and used only for that sink's designated purpose;
(10) storage areas for equipment, instruments, and products are kept clean;
(11) each counter and work surface has a smooth, nonabsorbent, and easily cleanable surface that is kept clean;
(12) at least one covered waste receptacle is provided in each procedure area and one waste receptacle is provided in each toilet room; each waste receptacle must be easily cleanable and kept clean;
(13) an artificial light source equivalent to at least 20 footcandles, evenly distributed, is provided in all areas of the school or shop, except as required in 18 AAC 23.210(a) (3) and 18 AAC 23.320(a) (1);
(14) all equipment, supplies, and products used in the school or shop are used, operated, cleaned, and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions;
(15) except for fish in aquariums or bowls, a patrol dog accompanying a police officer, or a service animal accompanying an individual with a disability, an animal is not allowed in the school or shop; a patrol dog and service animal must be
(A) under the control of the police officer or the individual with a disability;
(B) kept off any seat; and
(C) prevented from contaminating a procedure area;
(16) a copy of this chapter is available for review by practitioners and employees; and
(17) any manufacturer's recommendations or instructions for all equipment, supplies, and products used in the school or shop are retained on the school or shop premises and are available for department review.


18 AAC 23.040
Eff. 12/1/2002, Register 164

Authority:AS 08.13.030

AS 08.13.120

AS 08.13.210

AS 44.46.020

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