18 AAC 73.020 - Terms and conditions of grant awards

Current through April 6, 2022

(a) The grantee shall submit plans and specifications that define a proposed project under this chapter to the department for review and approval before the start of construction. A project will not be eligible for a grant under this chapter if the grantee issues a notice to proceed with construction to a contractor before obtaining departmental approval of construction-ready plans and specifications.
(b) The department will review plans and specifications based on generally accepted engineering design standards, including to those specified in 18 AAC 60, 18 AAC 72, and 18 AAC 80. The department will, in its discretion, waive the requirements to prepare project-specific facility plans and feasibility studies, planning reports, as-built drawings, and operations and maintenance manuals for less complex projects.
(c) The grantee shall obtain the services of a registered engineer to inspect work performed under contract and to supervise or direct work performed under force account procedures approved by the department under 18 AAC 73.010(f) (1).
(d) The plans and specifications for a construction project receiving grant assistance under this chapter must be prepared and signed by a registered engineer.
(e) The grantee shall submit copies of all change orders to the department for approval. Change orders need not be submitted before work begins. A change order is eligible for grant reimbursement only if approval is obtained before the department conducts the project field audit.
(f) Construction contracts for work that is estimated to exceed $50,000 in cost may be awarded only through a competitive bidding process with at least 30 days advertising before award, unless an alternate method is approved by the department. Construction contracts for less than $50,000 may be negotiated if the department approves the grantee's solicitation and negotiating procedures.
(g) The grantee shall submit to the department, for review and concurrence, a tabulation of all bids received, a complete copy of the lowest bid, a copy of the notice to proceed with construction, and a copy of the construction contract. The contract must be awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder, unless the department waives this requirement. The department will withhold grant payments pending review of and concurrence with the bid tabulation, notice to proceed, and construction contract.
(h) Project sites, materials, and records are subject to inspection and audit by the department. The department will give adequate notice to the grantee and will schedule inspections at a reasonable time.
(i) A grantee shall maintain project accounts and records supporting the grant eligibility of project expenditures. These records must clearly separate eligible and ineligible project costs. The grantee shall maintain project accounts and records until the project field audit has been performed and the findings of and exceptions to the audit have been resolved.
(j) The grantee, by accepting grant assistance under this chapter, agrees to construct and operate a system or construct a project awarded a grant under this chapter in accordance with the approved plans and specifications. Failure to meet the requirements of this subsection may result in withdrawal of grant assistance.
(k) The department will, in its discretion, include other terms and conditions in a grant offer that it considers necessary to ensure compliance with this chapter.
(l) The grantee shall submit to the department for review and concurrence copies of all professional services contracts associated with the project. A professional services contract need not be submitted before work begins under that contract. A professional services contract is eligible for grant reimbursement only if concurrence is obtained before the department conducts the project field audit.


18 AAC 73.020
Eff. 12/10/77, Register 64; am 6/11/81, Register 78; am 11/24/94, Register 132

Authority:AS 46.03.020(10)

AS 46.03.030

AS 46.03.090

AS 46.03.720

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