3 AAC 48.360 - General arrangement and content of tariff

Current through April 6, 2022

(a) The effective tariff of a utility or pipeline carrier must contain
(1) a title page that includes the name of the utility or pipeline carrier issuing the tariff as listed on the utility or pipeline carrier's certificate of public convenience and necessity, the certificated service or commodity offered, each certificated area to which the tariff applies, and the physical address of the issuing utility or pipeline carrier;
(2) an index with a complete and accurate list of the contents of the tariff;
(3) a map or set of maps depicting the utility or pipeline carrier's certificated service area;
(4) a complete set of terms and conditions governing the services offered by each utility or pipeline carrier under its applicable tariff; and
(5) a schedule of all rates and charges for each class of service offered, or for each customer or shipper group.
(b) If the index is rendered inaccurate due to the submission of a tariff sheet with a proposed revision, the index tariff sheet must be revised concurrently.
(c) The maps furnished by a pipeline carrier must show the pipeline facility or extension, the route of the pipeline facility or extension, the location of each intake and offtake point currently used, and each intake or offtake point that has been constructed but is not currently used. The maps furnished by a utility must clearly delineate the boundaries of
(1) each of the utility's certificated areas, and the principal area and major points actually served under the tariff; and
(2) the areas, zones, or districts in which the utility's rate schedules are generally applied.
(d) For a pipeline carrier also subject to federal jurisdiction, tariff sheets that delineate the sections of the pipeline carrier's currently effective federal tariff and that are applicable to intrastate transportation of oil and petroleum products, together with a complete copy of the federal tariff, must be set out on consecutively numbered pages immediately following the intrastate rates and charges.
(e) Special contracts with customers must be filed separately by the utility, need not conform to the numbering plan set out in this section, and need not be included in the index page.
(f) In the construction of a tariff, consideration may be given to the fact that it will probably be necessary, in the future, to file additional rates, rules, regulations, or other items. Reservation of sheet and schedule numbers may therefore be made to provide, in advance, for subsequent filings to be made in proper relation to schedules, or other items filed previously.
(g) The purpose and effect of every tariff revision must be indicated on the tariff by the use of the following symbols to the right of the text to which they apply:

C - to denote a changed condition or regulation;

D - to denote a discontinued rate, regulation, or condition;

I - to denote an increase;

L - to denote that material has been relocated from or to another sheet or place in the tariff with no change in text, rate, rule, or condition;

N - to denote a new rate, regulation, condition, or sheet;

R - to denote a reduction;

S - to denote reissued matter;

T - to denote a change in text for clarification,

(h) The symbols in (g) of this section may not be carried forward on subsequent revisions of the tariff sheets where they originally are shown or into tariff reissues or supplements, and the filing utility or pipeline carrier is not required to use them in any reproduction of its tariff for public inspection.


3 AAC 48.360
Eff. 11/16/73, Register 48; am 6/29/84, Register 90; am 10/27/2017,Register 224, January 2018

Authority: AS 42.05.141

AS 42.05.151

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