7 AAC 53.050 - Ongoing direct costs

(a) Subject to appropriation, documented need, and approval by the department, the department may pay ongoing direct costs in addition to the base rate under 7 AAC 53.030 incurred in providing for the necessary care of the child who has been placed by the department.
(b) Ongoing direct costs will be determined on a case-by-case basis and will be limited to reasonable payment for
(1) costs of transportation for one or more of the following purposes, if the total miles travelled for those purposes combined exceeds 50 miles a week:
(A) frequent scheduled home visits;
(B) travel to medical or therapeutic appointments such as physical therapy or psychiatric counseling;
(2) costs of transportation to maintain a child in the school the child is enrolled in at the time of placement, for the duration of the school year; diet;
(3) costs of the purchase of special foods for a child who cannot eat a regular
(4) extraordinary clothing or laundry needs;
(5) child care if
(A) the care is required to ensure continuity of care for the child;
(B) the care is required to meet the child's special developmental needs;
(C) special circumstances exist or when the foster parent is working or actively seeking work;
(D) the care is required for foster children remaining at home while the foster parent regularly escorts a child in the home to frequent medical or therapeutic appointments; or
(E) the care is required for foster children while the parent attends foster parent training required under 7 AAC 50 or 7 AAC 53.066;
(6) other services essential to success of the foster care placement, including
(A) frequent visitation and contacts with siblings who are not placed together;
(B) frequent visitation with parents and legal guardians;
(C) mentoring programs;
(D) summer camp experiences; and
(E) extracurricular activities before and after school, exclusive of child care under (5) of this subsection; or
(7) other services essential to educational success of a child in foster care including educational recovery opportunities, but not private school tuition; in this paragraph, "educational recovery opportunities" means activities and services that encourage academic success and stability, including grade level or credit recovery to meet promotional or graduation requirements.
(c) The department will reimburse the costs of transportation authorized under (b)(1) and (2) of this section at the same rate as state employee reimbursement for transportation.
(d) The department will not provide payment under 7 AAC 41 to a foster parent for child care services within the foster home setting for the foster parent's foster child.
(e) Repealed 7/1/2022.


7 AAC 53.050
Eff. 7/1/90, Register 114; am 11/16/94, Register 132; am 3/31/2005, Register 173; am 4/13/2011, Register 198; am 12/10/2011, Register 200; am 8/1/2015, Register 215, October 2015; am 7/1/2022, Register 242, July 2022

Authority:AS 44.30.020

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