7 AAC 57.550 - Health

(a) At or before admission of a child, a child care facility shall obtain from the child's parent a valid immunization certificate or evidence that the child is exempt from immunization.
(b) A valid immunization certificate must be a copy of
(1) the child's original immunization record showing that, in a manner consistent with the timetable prescribed by the department's childhood immunization schedule, the child has received, or has begun and is continuing to receive, immunizations; or
(2) an immunization record that includes a statement or record by a physician, clinic, or health center indicating the date each required immunization was given.
(c) Evidence that the child is exempt from immunization must be in one of the following forms:
(1) a form prescribed by the department and signed by a medical doctor (M.D.), doctor of osteopathy (D.O.), advanced nurse practitioner (ANP), or physician assistant (PA) licensed in this state; the form must state that in the individual's professional opinion, immunizations would be injurious to the health of the child or members of the child's family or household;
(2) a form prescribed by the department and signed by the child's parent or guardian, affirming that immunization conflicts with the tenets and practices of the church or religious denomination of which the parent or guardian is a member;
(3) subject to (k) of this section, a form prescribed by the department and signed by the child's parent or legal guardian, stating the child is homeless within the meaning of 42 U.S.C. 11434 a(2) (McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act) and does not have a record of the required immunizations;
(4) subject to (k) of this section, a form prescribed by the department and signed by the child placement agency or worker, foster parent, or child's guardian, stating that the child is in foster care and does not have a record of the required immunizations.
(d) Repealed 5/15/2016.
(e) A child care facility in a community where medical services are not available on at least a weekly basis may provisionally admit a child who does not have the immunization certificate or evidence of exemption required under (a) of this section until the certificate or evidence can be obtained, but for no longer than 60 days.
(f) A satisfactory immunization audit report from the department, regarding an audit completed during the last 30 days for children that were in care at the time of the audit, will be accepted as evidence that the child care facility satisfies the requirements of (a) of this section.
(g) A child care facility may admit a mildly ill child or allow the child to remain in attendance if the child's needs do not compromise the care of other children.
(h) A child care facility that cares for a mildly ill child shall arrange a plan of care with the parent and provide a place where, under supervision, the child may rest or play quietly, apart from other children, if warranted.
(i) A child care facility may not admit a child who shows definite signs of a serious illness or of a highly communicable disease or allow the child to remain in attendance unless a medical provider approves the child's attendance.
(j) A child care facility shall provide an opportunity for supervised rest or sleep periods for each child under the age of five who is in care more than five hours, and for any other child, if desired by the child. For a child who is unable to sleep, the facility shall provide time and space for quiet play. The facility may place in a crib only an infant, a nonclimbing toddler, or a child identified as having special needs under 7 AAC 57.940, if appropriate.
(k) A child may be provisionally enrolled in a child care facility under (c)(3) or (4) of this section for not more than 30 days if the child's immunization records are not immediately available. If the immunization records are not located during the provisional enrollment period, or the records indicate that the child has not received the required immunizations, the child must be immunized as described in (b) of this section to continue attending the child care facility.


7 AAC 57.550
Eff. 6/23/2006, Register 178; am 5/15/2016, Register 218, July 2016

The childhood immunization schedule referred to in 7 AAC 57.550 may be obtained from the Department of Health and Social Services, Division of Public Health, Section of Epidemiology, P.O. Box 240249, Anchorage, AK 99524-0249 (telephone: 907-269-8000).

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