7 AAC 57.630 - Equipment and supplies

(a) A child care facility shall select equipment and supplies to support facility programs so that the amount, variety, arrangement, and use of materials, toys, and equipment available
(1) are appropriate for the developmental needs of the children in care;
(2) meet criteria contained in 7 AAC 57.520(a);
(3) are of sufficient quantity to avoid excessive competition and long waits for use by a child; and
(4) when stored, are stored safely, with at least some of the toys and materials still accessible to children.
(b) In a child care center, most furniture and equipment must be of child size or adapted for a child's use.
(c) A child care facility must have a telephone or another identified means of communication that allows communication outside of the community.
(d) A child care facility shall make provisions for each child's rest or sleep in accordance with 7 AAC 57.550(j) as follows:
(1) for each infant under age 12 months,
(A) provide an individual crib or play yard with a firm mattress or mat with a washable waterproof covering;
(B) do not use soft bedding materials that increase the risk of suffocation, including comforters, pillows, fluffy blankets, crib bumpers that do not stand upright, and stuffed toys; and
(C) do not use sleeping equipment that may allow a child to fall, become entrapped, or have clothing tangled on protrusions;
(2) provide a cot, mat, or bed for each child; in a home, a couch may be used;
(3) provide a clean and sanitary blanket for each child; in a child care center, either the cots or the blankets must be individually labeled with the child's name;
(4) launder bedding as required under 7 AAC 10.1040(a) (6);
(5) clean and sanitize each crib, crib mattress, cot, mat, or play yard as required under 7 AAC 10.1060(j).
(e) A child care facility must have a minimum of five developmentally appropriate books per child in care.
(f) A crib used in a child care facility must meet or exceed, as applicable to the size of the crib, the requirements of
(1)16 C.F.R. Part 1219 (safety standard for full-size baby cribs), revised as of November 12, 2012 and adopted by reference; or
(2)16 C.F.R. Part 1220 (safety standard for non-full-size baby cribs), revised as of January 1, 2012 and adopted by reference.


7 AAC 57.630
Eff. 6/23/2006, Register 178; am 4/4/2013, Register 206

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